“I have been athletic and into fitness my entire life. Over the years, as my energy levels have decreased, my weight has increased, and it really bothered me. I tried many diets, with no long-term success. Once I lost about 60 lbs. and regained it within a year. Last year, my friend who is a chef told me that hormone therapy really helps her maintain her energy and weight, so I decided to try it too and I’m so glad I did. About 2 weeks after my first pellet, I was shocked at how great I felt. I honestly couldn’t believe the difference in my energy levels and increased libido. My workouts have improved, the weight is coming off and I’ve had no side effects. At times I feel it’s too good to be true! In less than six months I’ve made significant improvements to my overall health and well-being. I recommend Dr. Nager to anyone who is considering hormone replacement therapy.”

“I can’t say enough about how Dr. Nager and hormone treatments have changed my life. This past year I lost 30 pounds, 4 dress sizes, and have stopped getting cortisone injections and prednisone meds (I’ve had 2 knee surgeries and shoulder surgery). I have been eating healthier and getting more exercise. It’s so much easier to stick with a healthy diet when you see results and can maintain them. And exercise is much easier when you have the energy to do it. I sleep better and wake up rested. I no longer say not friends’ invitations because I no longer feel sick and tired all the time. Now I say yes to hiking and walks and swimming and parties. Hormone therapy has completely changed my life. My husband says it’s the best money we ever spent and he’s right.”

“I am very happy to share my experience with bioidentical hormones with others who might be struggling with hormone-related health problems. Two years ago, my gynecologist informed me that my ovaries had “retired.” About a year later, the misery started!! I had day and night sweats all the time, mood swings, sleeplessness, and weight gain! It was truly awful. I learned about bioidentical hormones from the Oprah show, did some research, and made an appointment with Dr. Nager, who literally saved my life! Anyone who has experienced the symptoms I had will understand what I mean. Exactly one week after starting my hormone therapy, I could tell a difference in my sleep. Two weeks later I was amazed how much better I felt. Three weeks later the horrendous night and day sweats stopped. I just can’t tell you how awesome he has been and what a difference the hormones have made in my life! I’m so thankful to Dr. Nager, he is truly a lifesaver!”

“Dr. Nager, I just want to tell you how much I appreciate you. I had met with many physicians before being referred to you. Your approach was entirely different and so refreshing; you focused on getting to the root of the problem instead of prescribing medications. You are a good listener and you do an excellent job of sharing information in a way that makes sense. Thank you for your kindness, support and especially the amazing results your treatment has provided. See you next week.”

“Dr. Nager is a very impressive person. He listens to you and works with you and your body to help create the best of health for each individual. He responds quickly to requests and questions and is more accessible than any other physician I have seen. I use bio-identical hormones and find him very knowledgeable and thorough. I am so glad I found him!”

“My 60th birthday found me stressed, overweight, depressed, and taking way too many prescription medications. The best birthday present to myself was finding Dr. Nager. He is not your typical doctor who mostly treats disease with medications. Dr. Nager gets to the bottom of your problems, offering a treatment plan that is completely tailored to your unique body chemistry and lifestyle. One year later, I have lost 35 pounds, lowered my total cholesterol number by 120 points, and stopped taking my anti-depressants. What I have gained is priceless: amazingly good health, hope for a happy future and a renewed love of life.”

“I am a 64-year-old man. As time passed, I could feel the telltale signs of aging slowly take effect: decreased sex drive, loss of muscle, increased fat, joint pain, high cholesterol, sleep issues – all leading to lower self-confidence and depression. The conventional doctors regarded me in relatively good health, just experiencing the “normal signs of aging” and offered no preventative solutions. I didn’t want to live that way so I decided to be proactive in my pursuit of different types of care. My efforts led me to discover Dr. Nager at Belcara Health. He did various testing to establish my base for hormones, cholesterol, PSA, thyroid, heavy metal toxins, etc. The results indicated I was out of range in several areas. He developed a plant that included detoxification, hormonal balancing, supplementation, exercise, and diet. Over the following year, Dr. Nager monitored my progress regularly and periodically retesting to gauge my progress and make adjustments to my action plan. I am proud to say I am now in the best condition of my life. My cholesterol is no longer a problem, my hormones are balanced, my libido is solid, the heavy metals have been lowered to safe levels, and my joints are pain-free. These changes, combined with regular exercise and a healthier diet, my appearance is better than ever. I’m so much happier and healthier, both physically and mentally. The entire medical profession should operate this way. I will never be able to thank Dr. Nager enough for his life-altering care.”

“I have been thinking about bioidentical hormones to help with my menopause symptoms which included weight gain, hot flashes, sleeping problems, brain fog, fatigue, hair loss, etc. From the first time I met Dr. Nager, I knew I would be in good hands. He took the time to explain exactly what was going on with my body and how bioidentical hormones could help. Now, five months later, I feel like a new person. I have much more energy, less aches and pains, no hot flashes, I’ve lost weight, my hair has grown back, I sleep better – Dr. Nager has changed my life.”